avatarRick, you are awesome. This is better than any other plugin I could find! You are awesome and I will keep my eye on this website for more tutorials and ideas on customizing and making my Thesis theme run at maximum performance.

John Ringgold
avatarWow, this is a great way to save a lot of time (for someone at my level of coding ability). I've spent hours trying to figure this out and sort through Thesis forums. This worked in just minutes. Thank you!

Jana Dean
This has literally saved me thousands of dollars in web development fees, as well as hundreds of hours in agonizing “do-it-myself” development and troubleshooting

Jason Pugliese
avatarHey, I went ahead and joined and it was already worth every penny!!! I have been considering double nav menus to tie my sites together but I had been putting it off because I didn't have time to figure it all out. Your nav menu plugin was EXACTLY what I needed without all the headaches. I already have plans for several of the other plugins, too. Your tutorials make everything clear and easy. Thank you so much!
Charlotte Siems

Charlotte Siems
avatarThanks, Rick. I was able to pull the Simple Nav menu plugin and have it working on my site now.

And thank you for all your hard work on Thesis. It makes an amateur "volunteer mom" like me look really professional when designing our school's new website (JourneySchool.net)! Plus instead of messing around with trying to figure out how to center the menu, I get to go have pancakes with my kids.

Thanks for making my morning so easy!

Michele Whiteaker
avatarHi Rick
I thought I would share how much that plugin has helped me. I have a website (waynewright.info) for a candidate in our local municipal elections. While it is relatively easy to use the feature box with custom PHP, your plugin has saved me hours. With a simply click of a check box, I could switch from a widget to a slideshow, depending on how things changed in the campaign.

Heidi Mueller